About Barrington Griffiths

The Modern Classic

The Modern Classic is a marriage of past and present. At the heart of every wristwatch is a 1940's pocket watch movement, refurbished and calibrated to run like new. Modern design and technology are used to create the parts for the rest of the watch.

All our watches are water-resistant and include glass 'observation' backs that allow you to see the 'heart' or movement of the watch.

Manufacture and Assembly

We believe a fine watch should last a lifetime. In fact the mechanisms used in BG watches have already lasted over 70 years, so our approach to building watches emphasizes quality of design, materials, and manufacturing processes to allow your timepiece to become a truly unique heirloom.

Our cases are made from medical quality stainless steel, machined individually at a local manufacturing facility specializing in precision tools for the Alberta oil industry.

Every part that goes into a BG Modern Classic is tested and inspected during assembly to maintain the highest standard of quality.

Why Own a Mechanical Watch?

In a world dominated by electronic devices, mechanical watches provide a traditional and sustainable alternative. Mechanical watches rely on the wearer to wind them, and therefore don't need batteries. When you choose a quality mechanical watch you get to appreciate the craft and precision of the almost lost art of traditional time keeping.


Our watches come with a one year warranty covering defects in materials or workmanship, subject to normal conditions of use.

The warranty does not cover damage, including water damage, or normal wear and tear.

In case of defects covered by the warranty, the Barrington Griffiths Watch Company will repair or replace the watch free of charge.

Maintenance & Repair

Mechanical watches require periodic service and adjustment as part of their proper care. Should your watch require service, please contact Barrington Griffiths and we will be happy to provide a quote. Servicing or repairs of a mechanical watch should only be carried out by a qualified master watchmaker.