The Watches

The Modern Classic is a blend of old and new. At the heart of every Modern Classic is a 1940's pocket watch movement, refurbished and calibrated to run like new. Modern design and technology are used to create the parts for the rest of the watch.

The BG Automatic is our latest design, incorporating a new Swiss autowind movement with day/date function and shock protection.

All our watches are water resistant and use the highest medical-grade stainless steel in our Canadian-made cases. BG watches are assembled in Canada using fine Swiss movements.

Why Mechanical?

In an increasingly electronic world, mechanical watches provide the wearer a traditional and sustainable alternative. Mechanical watches rely on the wearer to wind them, and therefore don't need batteries. Those who choose a quality mechanical watch appreciate craft and precision as well as the simple need to keep time.


We believe a fine watch should last a lifetime. This is why our approach to building watches emphasizes quality of design, materials, and manufacturing processes. We build our stainless steel cases individually in Alberta, which is where we are located. Every part that goes into a BG Modern Classic is tested and inspected during assembly to maintain our high standard of quality.